COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, but we’ve been fortunate enough here in Clarksville to not have some of the more dire issues facing other cities around the country. Though it will be a slow process, things are starting to reopen. As an essential business, we’ve been working throughout this crisis but have done everything in our power to ensure the safety of our team and clients. 

Our team is now back in the office, but an appointment or courtesy call-in will be required for folks to stop by (at least through the end of May) so that we can continue to mitigate risk. 

If you’re looking to buy a home, we can help you do so safely through virtual tours or in-person showings with masks, gloves, shoe guards, and disinfectants. If you’re a seller worried about coronavirus-exposed individuals coming into your home, know that our agents have a specific set of screening questions they need to answer before entering any property. 

“We’re eager to see our city reopen, but we’re operating as safely as possible in the meantime.”

We also have some masks available for clients, so feel free to call the office at 931-245-7435 and arrange a time to pick one up—if you’re nearby, we may even be able to drop it off for you! If you need more than one to keep your whole family safe, just let us know; our masks come in two colors: red and black. Make sure to grab a free bottle of sanitizer when you come for your masks (one bottle per mask). 

Inventory is still really low and continues dropping. Truly, COVID-19 has not affected our market, and real estate in our area is still moving. We’re eager to see our city reopen, but we’re operating as safely as possible in the meantime, putting the well-being of our buyers and sellers first. 

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment via Zoom so you can show me your house safely, please reach out by phone or email. We’re always here to help and want to bring you some peace of mind during these strange times.