I believe that 2019 is the best year to sell your home in recent memory. Here are a few reasons why.

For starters, homes are flying off the shelves. When we put a home on the market, the showings start immediately. We’ll usually get multiple offers on the first day, depending on the price and the condition of the home.

When looking at the numbers from this time last year, we see that prices have gone up by 7.21% and are steadily increasing. A lot of people from Nashville are moving to Clarksville to get a bit of a better deal on a property. This influx of buyers is great news for potential sellers.

“When supply eventually goes up, you won’t see the same advantages of selling.”

Interest rates remain low, and there’s talk of lowering them even further if the economy slows. This is more great news for sellers as it will keep more buyers in the market.

As more and more people pull their rental homes out and sell, people are looking to sell investment properties. That’s good news for first-time buyers. When supply eventually does go up, there won’t be as much of an advantage to selling as there is right now.

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