The final walkthrough is an important step if you’re a buyer, as it helps you see exactly what you’re getting with the home. You’ll need to do two to three walkthroughs for new construction homes, but you probably won’t need more than one for a resale home.

No matter what, though, make sure you have at least one final walkthrough. It’s not just to make sure that the house looks good, but to ensure its condition is the same as or better than when you originally saw it. You also want to confirm that any repairs you requested have been done.

“No matter what, make sure you have at least one final walkthrough.”

If you can help it, try not to do a final walkthrough on the day of closing. By doing it at least one day before, you won’t face any last-minute crises. 

Look out for leftover belongings. People sometimes leave things behind, usually unintentionally, and you may want to contact the agent so they can pick up these items. 

Also, prepare yourself emotionally. If you last saw the home when it was fully furnished, it’ll look a lot different now when you see it empty. Don’t let this come as a shock to you.

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