Most of the time when a seller of mine gets a lowball offer, I’ll call the buyer’s agent and ask why they submitted a lower offer so I can convey that information to the seller. In this situation, the seller has three options: accept the offer, counter with a different offer, or reject the offer outright.

I encourage sellers not to reject the offer; instead, counter it with one of your own. You don’t have anything to lose! Sometimes sellers let their emotions get the best of them in these types of situations, but there are many other aspects of an offer to consider besides just price.

“There are many other aspects of an offer to consider besides just price.”

Any agent can sell a home in our market, but knowing how to negotiate those offers makes all the difference. Sometimes, even great offers need additional terms to protect the seller’s interests, which is always my goal. The buyer’s agent is there to get the homebuyer a deal, so good negotiation skills are important when dealing with lowball offers.

If you have other questions about how we can help you navigate your home sale, including how to respond to lowball offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Air Assault Team. We’d love to help you find success.