It’s amazing how the features buyers look for in a home can change over time. As a real estate professional, I’m always researching these trends. 

It’s common for Realtors like myself to share information related to this topic, specifically focusing on what sellers should do to make their homes more desirable, but today we’re going to take a different approach. Instead of focusing on what buyers do want, we’re going to share a few things they don’t.

Here are four of the least desirable home features in our market today:

1. Colorful laminate. This home feature may have been en vogue in the 90s, but it certainly isn’t today. Instead, granite countertops are all the rage. That said, homes in lower price ranges may not benefit from the addition of this popular feature. It’s all about weighing the cost of such upgrades compared to the return you’d get upon selling. If your home is priced below $300,000, you may want to opt for a granite look-alike as opposed to the real thing. 

“Home features that may have been en vogue in the 90s may not be desirable today.”

2. Sunrooms. Many sun rooms aren’t properly constructed and can therefore detract from a home’s value instead of adding to it. And sunrooms that are well built may still not be desirable in the eyes of today’s buyers, given the high level of upkeep they require.

3. Carpet. Especially on a home’s main level, buyers today much prefer LVT or laminate flooring. These flooring options are easier to clean, making them preferable for buyers with pets and offer a look that’s more in line with the modern homeowner’s aesthetic.

4. Outdoor fireplaces. Many buyers would prefer to have the extra outdoor space than to have this feature already installed, especially if they never plan to use it.

If you have any other questions, would like more information, or are curious to learn more about what buyers do want in a home, feel free to give my team or me a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.