If you want to sell your house without moving out, follow these four tips.

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Lately, a lot of people have asked me whether you can live in your home while selling it.

Of course you can!

The key to selling your home while living in it is staging. Your home’s first showing is on the Internet, so it needs to look great online. It’s better to have a home that’s staged than to have a vacant home, so we like to give our sellers these tips:

1. Remove all signs of personalization: We know you’re proud of your family, but things like family photos make it hard for buyers to imagine themselves living there.


2. Redefine each room for its intended purpose: Say you converted one of three bedrooms in your house to an office—you want to change it back to a bedroom so buyers can see how all the living space works.

3. Pick the right price: This is where the expertise of a real estate professional comes in. They’ll give you a thorough market analysis to help us understand the right price. We don’t determine the price; the market does.

4. Price your home right the first time and don’t lower it: Lowering your price isn’t always the best option because there are other things we can do before resorting to a lower price.

If you have any questions about selling your home or you’re ready to list it on the market, give us a call or send us an email soon. We’d love to go over more with you!